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Radiance Floral Tea

Radiance Floral Tea

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Radiance Floral Tea (20 Tea Bags Per Bag)


🌺Aromatic tea leaves are paired with calming and healing floral teas, suitable for urban female physiques
🌺Beauty formula specially selected French pink rose for beauty and beauty, sweet-scented osmanthus for nourishing yin and detoxification, and anti-oxidant essence
purpose jasmine
🌺Can be consumed daily to help purify the body and mind, moisturize the skin and relax the mind

Main Ingredients

Hunan Black Tea, Fujian Gongmei Tea, French Pink Rose, Osmanthus, Jasmine

Suggested Use

Take 1 tea bag and put it into a cup, add 300ml of hot water to soak, and wait for 3-5 minutes.